• safety glasses in Safety & Security

  • Designed for use in high security areas Forced entry threat protection Applications for moderate ballistic threats Product use: Prisons, Jails, Hospitals, Court Houses, Government Buildings High impact resistance for physical attack and forced entry or ballistic protection Hard coat, mar-resistant sheets available for abrasive or chemical resistance Lighter and thinner than all glass products Bullet resistant glass is not shattered-proof but rather bullet resistant. This means that when a bullet of a certain calibre is fired, the glass itself will most likely shatter and the bullet not penetrate the glass. A variety of glass thicknesses and characteristics can be ordered depending upon the size and calibre of bullet you wish to stop.


  • Bullet Resistant Doors and Windows

  • Bullet Resistant Doors and Windows
  • EYONA*Glass™ is on the cutting edge of designing and manufacturing the finest and most exclusive range of custom curved & flat ballistic glass for automobiles.

    We are a proven leader in ballistic protection against security threats found throughout the world today and offer "the ultimate ballistic and blast protection" that is available anywhere.

    Ballistic Protection... Protects against penetration from medium caliber handguns and 12 gauge shotguns. VSG offers an much higher level of protection for you and your family.

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